To make the sauna more enjoyable, you can bring your own compilation of songs on CD. We provide clients with enough fluids - water or tea to follow the drinking regime during the sauna and (bath) towels for the sauna and shower. The capacity of the infrared sauna is three people, two adults and one child up to 15 years or one adult and two children up to 15 years. Children under the age of 15 are only allowed to enter if accompanied by an adult, admission is only valid for adults (15+). Please note that shorter sauna times between 20-30 minutes apply to the children under the age of 15, depending on the age and condition of the child. The infrared sauna is equipped with a button for calling the operator in case of sudden nausea of the client. The setting of the required temperature in the infrared sauna and other accessories such as ionizer, color therapy and CD is performed by trained staff according to the client's preferences.

You can book the "infrasauna" service in our reservation system per 40 min slots. The system automatically oversees compliance with the 20 min interval between orders. This interval is intended for cleaning / disinfecting the sauna and its preparation for further operation. We recommend planning a relaxing or health massage after the infrared sauna. This will enhance the anti-stress effects of the infrared sauna and increase the effectiveness of the subsequent massage or therapy.

Before booking the infrared sauna, get acquainted not only with the positive effects of the infrared sauna, but also with its contraindications.

Available dates of infrared sauna for the registered clients.