The consequence of autism is that the patient does not understand the world around him like a healthy person does, he often reacts unpredictably to common situations and stimuli. Early diagnosis and subsequent work with autism is essential for their further development. In our facility, we provide these therapies in a specially adapted outpatient clinic, which is equipped with suitable aids. Thanks to them, the therapies stimulate the patient's visual, auditory, balance, olfactory system and the development of his gross and fine motor skills.

The goal of individual physiotherapy and the use of aids is to evoke sensory perceptions. This method is intended mainly for patients with autism spectrum disorder, but also with mental and developmental disorders, physical disabilities, behavioral and learning disorders, mental disorders, traumatic brain injury, patients with dementia and chronically ill patients. Active therapy and physical activity in PAS clients has a positive psychological effect on personality development, self-perception and self-esteem. Physical activity can also reduce reactivity to mental stress. The natural release of endorphins during movement leads to an overall good attunement, reduces problem behavior and increases the patient's ability to receive new information.