The feet are the basic building block for posture and movement. Their anatomical shape and function determine the ability to adapt to static and dynamic loading of our musculoskeletal system. Various foot defects arise during development. Improper foot care during growth and the use of the unsuitable shoes can support and fix deviations from the correct position. In individuals with a pathological position of the legs, there is an excessive overloading of joints, ligaments and muscles. Based on the correct adjustment of the foot and ankles, we achieve optimal loading in higher load-bearing joints and levels, such as the knees, hips and the entire axial organ (pelvis, spine and head), we reduce their overloading and wear.

Based on the podoscopic examination, appropriate exercises, physical activities and regime measures are recommended (eg recommendations on orthopedic insoles, shoes and other aids in cooperation with local prosthetic care providers). The aim of the examination and subsequent treatment is to achieve the most optimal position of the feet, which is reflected in the overall posture.